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The OEM Partner for Your Application

As an OEM producer we offer our partners the advantage to quote the known Regor Surgicals India quality under their own brand name. The advantage: You will profit from our production capacity and the advanced know-how which is in our products. If you are interested in such a partnership, please contact us personally.

Our Know-how for your solution

As an internationally renowned producer of veterinary products we offer you our know-how and manufacturing expertise. This allows you to focus on your core competences.

Regor Surgicals India will supply you with reliable products for veterinary and dental applications. Our products comply with all relevant quality standards, ISO specifications and regulatory requirements.

Our expertise for your products:
  • – Feasibility study of design and material
  • – Design input
  • – Sample production
  • – Prototyping
Having Regor Surgicals India as contractual partnerwill give you the following benefits:
  • – Regulatory advantages
  • – Risk minimization
  • – Flexible production processes
  • – Quality products
Your label – our quality

Whenever you look for reliable syringes to add to your product range you should talk to us. With our products your brand will benefit from high product quality. Our complete range of re-usable Needle and dental irrigation needles are available as a private label product.

With Regor Surgicals India you benefit from:
  • – High product quality
  • – Extension of your product range
  • – Stronger brand value
  • – Cost efficient production

Our re-usable Needles box packing may also be printed with individual markings. All our products can be printed with your logo.

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